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As an investor you’re looking for returns. At Lightneer we get that. Our unique game development framework allows for a speedy market delivery, which means our development cycle is fast, and we get results fast.

Our honed and streamlined development process, the Lightneer Framework, is our competitive advantage. Normally, game studios have a go-to-market schedule of 3-4 months but thanks to our amazing people, processes, and technical framework, we have a constant flow of market tests each month with experience of dozens of launched games.

The Framework is heavily linked to our KPI targets for marketability, stickiness and economics. If the KPIs are not met, the game is killed: on to the next one! This means our killer development process, that still continues to improve, has both the quality and the speed necessary to succeed on a highly competitive market.


Game downloads


Revenue by 2024

We have a proven and repeatable game development playbook and track record of over 80M game downloads. The future potential of our slightly different hybrid casual games puts us into an interesting and unique position with great growth potential. Our plan is to reach 40M+ revenue by 2024.

We aim at building strategic partnerships where ideally the investors, like our team members, are with us for the long haul. Our investors become a part of our work family, which means we wish to assess them, too, to find the best match and a win-win combination.

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