People first!

About the people, mission and mindset

In our previous blog, we talked a bit about changes in Lightneer’s corporate culture, as well as the mission and vision behind it. You can read more about the company’s 100 million download milestone here.

In today’s world, companies do not only compete for customers, or gamers in our industry, but also the talent. Our firm philosophy since the beginning has been that people are an investment and the secret sauce of our games lies behind the people that we are privileged to hire, retain and grow. This philosophy is directly linked to our mission and values. 

However, the main reason for us working in a people-oriented way is that, especially in the games industry, individuals and teams perform better when work culture focuses on people. Key for happy people in a workplace? Realizing that making mistakes is a huge part of the learning and growing process and lastly the mindset as an employer that all this is possible in a psychologically safe environment. Lightneer’s aim has been to create a culture that values growth, openness and collaboration to achieve the best possible output. It goes without saying that this also engages the team because it’s really cool to work in this kind of environment!

The mission

Clear missions help employees see the meaning and purpose of their work by giving them clear reasons their job benefits a larger goal. Lightneer has had a very clear mission for the last couple of years, with strategic changes led by CEO Henri Lindgren. As a hybrid-casual mobile company built around a highly experienced but down-to-earth team, one of the missions was to create a development framework that would enable rapid testing and delivery to market. On a larger scale, Lightneer is tasked with developing and releasing a handful of hit games each year in close collaboration with our strategically selected partners. And like previously revealed – there are plans for self-publishing in the near future.

It’s all about the mindset

We consider our games to be fun, unique, snackable, rewarding hybrid casual games. And we believe that they serve exactly what the public has ordered: easy-to-play games that entertain and provide stress relief in the middle of gamers’ lives, as well as entertain for longer periods of time too! The mindset is that every new project is a potential hit. 

The right kind of mindset entails a great vision and values. At Lightneer we have a saying “we’re work family with no egos”. As you already may know, the secret to our success is working in a hyper professional yet casual and collaborative teams of 3-4 people. In a small and focused team everyone matters and is essential to the team’s success. There’s a feeling of togetherness, caring and helping each other. In other words, a supporting and warm culture with a growth -oriented mindset in every team.

Honesty, Respect & Playfulness

So, let’s talk about our values! First and perhaps even most important; playfulness. As you may know we work with a glimmer in the corner of our eye and take joy in tackling the challenges presented to us and sharing a laugh while doing it. The focus is on the positives even when we fail, and that makes work fun. And talking about playfulness; we took our teams out of the office for a Team Day to Biitsi, click on our social media channels to see more sentiments from the day!

In second place in the value ranking is honesty. For us in Lightneer it means being truthful – to others and yourself. It also means compassion and transparency, saying what we feel without feeling uncomfortable, and admitting the things we need to develop in and improving on them. 

The third but by no means least important value is respect. With respect comes trusting your team members, listening and hearing others and treating others as you’d like to be treated. Respect also means freedom to work how you want to work, to challenge and be challenged, and to concede without loss of standing. At Lightneer, one of our top priorities is to make our employees feel valued and appreciated for their work.

Next time – The Famous Quests

Finally, we are obliged to give you a little teaser of what’s coming up. Because we cannot talk about our values without giving you insights on this pilot program that was built to enhance teamwork and communication. Anyone surprised that we have an app for that? Next time we’ll open this whole wildly amusing system to you in more detail; where the idea came from, how our teams feel about it (honest opinions, we promise!) and what impact it has had on their wellbeing and efficiency in general.

To date, we have a combined total of over 100 million players we’ve delighted with games like Good Slice, Bazooka Boy and Hammer Jump, with over 100 new prototypes developed each year. You can follow us on social media platforms, we are proudly showing off our employees, games and everything in between!