Up for grabs: the best partner in the gaming industry.

Looking to partner up with a gaming industry highflyer? Why not looking into a studio that’s an established hit-making machine with a team, attitude and development framework that only a few on the market can beat.

At Lightneer, we believe in supportive and open collaboration, both internally and with our external partner network. Our partners are a part of our work family, and get to work closely with our hyper experienced team and benefit from the constant ad hoc support and asset sharing for design, development and art.

We have exclusive
contracts and access
to large-scale UA

We boast a great proprietary tech stack, the Lightneer Framework, designed to make game development super easy and fast. Due to our track record, we have exclusive contracts and access to large-scale UA with the industry’s leading publishers.

We offer a competitive compensation model including both developer fees and revenue share. The greatest benefit, however, arises from learning hybrid casual game development with the highly talented and creative Lightneer community.

Contact us at for more information or to start discussions around mutually beneficial partnering models!

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