To Lightneer & Beyond

27.04.2023Mobile gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide, andbehind every successful mobile game, in addition to Game Designers and Devs there is a dedicatedteam of tech experts working tirelessly to create an immersive and engaging experience forplayers. At Lightneer, our Tech Team is at the heart of the company’s success.… Read more » [...]
16.02.2023When designing a Hybrid Casual game, it’s important to focus on creating a balance between the different elements of the game. This means finding the right combination of all the elements that will keep the player engaged and interested. One way to do this is to start with a clear understanding of the player’s motivations… Read more » [...]
30.12.2022Hybrid Casual Games are one of the most talked about genres in recent times and fit like a glove into our “Fun and Snackable” style of game development. The best thing about them is their adaptability to different types of gamers; if you want to kill time on your commute or spend an hour or… Read more » [...]
04.11.2022At Lightneer, we employ around twenty professionals in their respective fields, from game designers to HR professionals. Since people are at the core of our values – it’s time for the blog to introduce them also and, above all, to delve into the professions and the crazy skills they possess. We have 3 Game Designers… Read more » [...]
05.09.2022We’ve hyped this hot potato to you in our previous blogs, and it’s finally time to open the door to Lightneer’s own Quest system. In early 2020 we were looking for a collaborative goal-setting method that teams and individuals at Lightneer could use to set challenging and ambitious goals, but with measurable results. By then,… Read more » [...]
22.06.2022It’s finally time to dig deeper and give an in-depth look at Lightneer’s future as a self-publisher in the mobile gaming world. Oh yes, we are focusing our energies over the next months on new challenges through a change in strategy. Years 2018 – 2019 were the golden age of hyper casual games, but now,… Read more » [...]
25.05.2022In our previous blog, we talked a bit about changes in Lightneer’s corporate culture, as well as the mission and vision behind it. You can read more about the company’s 100 million download milestone here. In today’s world, companies do not only compete for customers, or gamers in our industry, but also the talent. Our… Read more » [...]
11.04.2022Bazooka Boy, Good Slice and Hammer Jump made history in March 2022 by reaching 100 million downloads. What an incredible milestone in Lightneer’s history! We sat down with CEO Henri Lindgren and COO Teemu Halminen to discuss the key details of what Lightneer has done strategically to transform its business and culture. To start, let’s… Read more » [...]