The teams

Our people are epic!

Lightneer is an established hybrid casual game studio with a warm, team-centric approach to game development. Our world-class teams find games with hit potential fast and take the best concepts from dozens of original ideas to market in just a handful of weeks.

We’re a work family
with no egos

We work in hyper professional yet casual and collaborative teams of 3-4 people. In a small and focused team everyone matters and is essential to the team’s success. There’s a feeling of togetherness, caring and helping each other. In other words, a supporting and warm culture with a growth -oriented mindset in every team.

Our values

Our values – Honesty, Respect and Playfulness – originate from our people and are an epitome of our team-centric approach. Them being innate it’s easy for everyone to buy into them and act according to them. Our values truly drive our culture and manifest in our being and doing – making every day at work fun.


We work with a glimmer at the corner of our eye. We take joy in tackling the challenges presented to us and sharing a laugh while doing it. The focus is on the positives even when we fail: this makes work fun.


Honesty, for us, means being truthful – to others and yourself. It also means compassion and transparency, saying what we feel without feeling uncomfortable, and admitting the things we need to develop in and improving on them.


With respect comes trusting your team members, listening and hearing others and treating others as you’d like to be treated. Respect also means freedom to work how you want to work, to challenge and be challenged, and to concede without loss of standing.