About us

Pioneering game development at hyperspeed!


Lightneer is a hybrid casual mobile game studio built around a super experienced yet down-to-earth team and a proprietary development framework that allows for speedy testing and market delivery. Our mission is to develop and publish a handful of hit games each year working closely with our strategically chosen partners.Our games are fun, unique, snackable, rewarding and hybrid casual, serving just what the audience ordered: easy-to-play games that entertain and offer stress relief in the midst of the players’ life.

At Lightneer, every new project is a potential hit. To date, we have a combined total of over 100 million players we’ve delighted with games like Good Slice, Bazooka Boy and Hammer Jump, with over 100 new prototypes developed each year.

Here’s how the magic happens

Our MO is an essential part of our charm. We have very low hierarchy and minimal bureaucracy, which means our management is there to support and enable, not to tell. The development teams have the freedom to organize their work in a way that best suits them – and develop games they themselves see have the best potential to turn into hits.

However, no hierarchy doesn’t mean no structure – our team members’ roles and our development processes are well structured, and our aim is to continuously improve them.

The Lightneer Framework

Our unique development process from idea to market, the Lightneer Framework, is, even if we say so ourselves, pretty awesome. In it we have a toolset that automates all monkey business allowing the development teams to focus on what they do and like best, the game development, without limiting their creativity.

Normally, game studios have a go-to-market schedule of 3-4 months. At Lightneer, thanks to our amazing people, processes, and technical framework, we have a constant flow of market tests each month with experience of dozens of launched games. In our process, learning and sharing findings is paramount, and each proto forms an important learning curve. We play and we learn – and get better by doing so.

Our Framework and support system are an asset not available in every game studio on the market. They’re a competitive advantage and one of our key selling propositions when it comes to forming new partnerships.