Welcome new Lightneer and Hyper Casual games

Helsinki, Finland based mobile games studio reinvents itself with new strategy, brand identity and 22 games released

Hyper Casual is one of the hottest categories in mobile games, dominating the top free charts worldwide. According to Newzoo, these lightweight games with snackable gameplay and easy to understand mechanics have grown into a $1.7+ billion category in 2018 and are the fastest growing sub-category on mobile.

Player behaviour and consumption habits have changed; over 50% of people playing games on mobile are doing it whilst consuming other media, like watching TV or listening to music.   People play to relax, de-stress, zone out – they don’t want to have to think too hard, they want snackable experiences.

Last autumn, Lightneer changed strategy and decided to focus on creating Hyper Casual games.  Hyper Casual games are played by people who might not consider themselves gamers, but are also played by gamers, providing maximum audience reach potential.

“We looked at the market and these changes in player behaviour and it totally lined up with our DNA and capability. We create games for the way people play today”, explains Mark Cochrane who came on board as CEO in February, 2018.

Pioneering game development at hyperspeed

At Lightneer games are developed fast with very small teams. We like to go from idea to store in a handful of weeks and market validate whether games have the potential to become global hits.

Teams aim for high player engagement and strong marketability from the outset and use data to determine whether to iterate on any developments. Since the change in strategy last September, Lightneer have created over 100 new game ideas and market tested 22 mobile games in the US.

“Our goal in 2019 is to test around 50 games and anticipate that at least 6 of these will show enough promise to be developed further with 2 or more becoming global hits. Thus far, we have seen hit potential in Bridge Spin and Hammer Jump to invest more. We are proving our model”, Cochrane says.

7 development teams work in parallel at the company to create games and each quarter release 12 or more new games. Teams learn rapidly from data gathered from multiple releases to improve competence in both development and marketing.

“It really is no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when we have our first hit”, Mark continues.

The company recently secured an additional funding from its lead investors that underlines their support for the new strategy.

Shooting for the stars with a new brand

Today Lightneer also announced the launch of its new brand identity, logo and website.

“While our name remains the same, new brand better reflects our new direction, strategy and how we take games to market” says Mark Cochrane.

More information, contact: info@lightneer.com