Living in Helsinki

Choose the happiest country in the world!

According to My Helsinki “Working in Helsinki is as great as it sounds. In addition to the actual work, you get to hang out with the happiest folks in the world, breathe the clean air, secure a free top-class education for your children, enjoy the healthiest work-life balance worldwide, feel the nature from your doorstep and benefit from a highly ranked – and free – health care system.”

Can this really be?
Yes, it can!

36 Reasons to ❤️ Helsinki

Helsinki freedom

We’ve chosen Helsinki as our hometown not only for the above-mentioned reasons but also because the gaming scene is vibrant here. It gives us a competitive edge that, as Talented has well put it, the technical education, know-how as well as the quality of code here are top-class, and that the industry in general values agile methods, modern ways of working, learning, testing, low hierarchy and spread autonomy. There aren’t many places on this globe that can outdo that – wouldn’t you, too, agree?